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Consumption Guide

THC-A Carts  - 2500MG

Our THC-A carts offer a potent experience with 2500 MG of THC-A per cartridge. These carts are designed for those seeking a high-potency product, ideal for experienced users. For newcomers to THC-A, it’s advisable to start with a single inhalation and wait for 15-30 minutes to assess your tolerance. Experienced users can adjust their dosage accordingly but should still approach with caution due to the high concentration of THC-A.

Premium Disposables - 8ML, 7ML, 3.5ML, 2.5ML

Our premium disposables are available in four convenient sizes: 8ML, 7ML, 3.5ML and 2.5ML (Coming Soon). These are perfect for users looking for a portable and easy-to-use option. A single session typically involves 1-2 puffs, waiting 10-15 minutes to feel the full effects. More experienced users may opt for larger sizes, like 7ML or 8ML, and can consume 2-3 puffs per session as needed.

THC-A Premium Flower  - 5 & 10 Grams

Our THC-A Premium Flower is available in 5-gram and 10-gram packages. For those new to smoking or vaporizing flowers, starting with a small amount, such as 0.25 grams, is recommended. Roll into a joint, pack into a pipe, or use a vaporizer. Wait for 15-30 minutes after consumption to evaluate the effects before considering additional use. Seasoned users may consume up to 1 gram per session, adjusting based on their tolerance and desired experience.

Infused Cube Gummies - 6000MG, 5000MG,  1000MG, 750MG

Our Infused Cube Gummies are available in various potencies: 6000MG, 5000MG, 1000MG, and 750MG. Each gummy contains a specific dose, making it easy to control your intake. For example, with the 1000MG pack, each gummy might contain 50MG of active ingredients. New users should start with one gummy (or even half) to gauge their reaction, waiting 1-2 hours to assess the effects. Experienced users might consume 1-2 gummies per session, depending on their tolerance and desired intensity.

Pre-Rolls  - 4.5 Grams, 2 Grams

Our Pre-rolls come in convenient sizes: 4.5 grams for social gatherings and longer sessions, and 2 grams for quick, solo enjoyment. For a balanced experience, start with a few puffs and wait 15-20 minutes to gauge the effects before continuing. Always ensure you’re in a comfortable, safe environment, preferably seated. Remember, the 4.5-gram pre-roll is potent and suitable for sharing, while the 2-gram option is perfect for personal, mindful use. Stay hydrated, and enjoy responsibly to maximize the therapeutic benefits without overindulging. Store your pre-rolls in a cool, dry place to maintain freshness.