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Viva La Hemp- Premium Disposable Vape 7000 MG P – Strawberry Zkittlez (Indica)


Unveil the exquisite flavor of Strawberry Zkittlez, a Platinum Blend infused with THC-A, THC-X, and THC-JD. This Indica masterpiece is enriched with D9 Live Resin Diamonds for a remarkable vaping experience.


  • THC-A
  • THC-X
  • THC-JD
  • Indica Strain
  • Enhanced with D9 Live Resin Diamonds

Note* – Pack of 5 Disposable Vape

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Strawberry Zkittlez delivers a soothing Indica experience while treating your taste buds to the sweetness of ripe strawberries. The inclusion of D9 Live Resin Diamonds enhances the overall enjoyment.


To enjoy Strawberry Zkittlez responsibly, follow these steps:

  • Check for a power button; click it five times to activate if available.
  • If there’s no power button, inhale to start.
  • When inhaling, press the button for smaller, controlled puffs.
  • Allow 5-10 minutes between puffs to gauge its effects.
  • Start with a low dose and gradually increase your desired experience.

Savor the delightful Strawberry Zkittlez vape and let the sweet, calming flavors wash over you.