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Viva La Hemp- Premium Disposable Vape 7000 MG Ape Cookies (Indica)


Introducing our Viva La Hemp Premium Disposable Vape in the tantalizing Ape Cookies flavor, featuring a potent combination of THC-A, THC-X, and THC-JD. This delightful Indica blend is perfect for those seeking relaxation and tranquility.


  • THC-A
  • THC-X
  • THC-JD
  • Indica Strain

Note* – Pack of 5 Disposable Vape

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Ape Cookies boasts a unique blend of cannabinoids that may promote relaxation, pain relief, and an overall sense of calm. The Indica strain lends its relaxing properties, making it ideal for evening use.


To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, follow these steps:

  • If the device has a power button, click it five times to turn it on.
  • If the device lacks a power button, inhale to start.
  • Press the button while inhaling, taking small puffs for better control.
  • Wait 5-10 minutes before taking additional puffs to gauge its effects.
  • Always begin with a low dose and gradually work up to find your optimal dose.

Indulge in the soothing Ape Cookies vape and savor the rich, earthy flavors this Indica blend offers.