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6: Viva La Hemp 2Gr Pre-Roll – Wholesale


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  • This Listing is for the 2Gr Delta8 Pre-Roll (6 flavors – 10pcs a box) .
  • To place an order, input the quantity from flavors list below, then click add to cart then check out.
  • We ship orders within 48 hours. Via UPS or USPS.
  • Discount coupons DO NOT APPLY to wholesale orders

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Viva La Hemp 2Gr Pre-Roll Premium Hemp

The Viva La Hemp 2Gr Pre-Roll Premium Hemp  – is a Delta 8 with THCO premium hemp – Each Pre Roll comes with 2GR of premium hemp Pre-Roll flowerA well-balanced blend that provides all of the benefits and top-quality effects of the best hemp flower in the world.

Flavors of 2Gr Pre-Roll Premium Hemp

  • Blueberry Kush – Indica
  • Forbidden Fruit – Indica –
  • Wedding Cake – Hybrid
  • Blue Dream – Hybrid
  • Strawberry Cough – Sativa
  • Sour Diesel – Sativa

Best Delta 8 Product in the market

At Viva La Hemp we believe that everyone deserves an alternative to traditional medicine, one that promotes balance throughout the entire body. By spreading awareness about the therapeutic qualities of hemp, we hope to empower individuals to take a holistic approach to health.

also, As we strive to educate people about natural alternatives, we put our message into practice by creating organic products that enhance your body’s function. Finally, By combining nutritious superfoods with high-grade cannabis, we have been able to produce some of the most wholesome and beneficial products on the market.

In addition, At Viva La Hemp, We’re a tribe of cannabis pioneers based in Miami, Through our partnerships with hemp farms in Colorado, we have perfected some of the highest-grade Delta 8 products on the market. Unlike HQD and Fume Vapes , this device will give you great relaxation.


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